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LGBT update: The European Court of Human Rights

July 16, 2012

The European Court of Human Rights is a very active forum for LGBT-related cases this year. The Court’s web site and HUDOC database are comprehensive, easy-to-use resources for those wanting more details about these or other ECHR cases, but here’s a brief summary: As we reported last month, the Court ruled in favor of Moldovan LGBT advocacy organization GENDERDOC-M, who […]

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Moldova’s Mixed Bag

June 13, 2012

LGBT activists in Moldova have reason to celebrate. Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights issued its ruling in favor of the GENDERDOC-M Information Center, an LGBT advocacy organization, who were banned from holding an anti-discrimination rally in May of 2005. The Court found that the Moldovan government had violated Articles 11 (freedom of assembly), […]

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Marry, and in any state church you want, Danish Parliament says

June 8, 2012

Denmark has reasserted its leadership in LGBT rights this week. Lesbian and gay couples in Denmark now have full marriage rights, including the right conduct marriage ceremonies in the Evangelical Lutheran church (i.e. the Church of Denmark) of their choice. The legislation, though strongly opposed by some church leaders and the far-right Danish People’s Party, passed […]

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Moscow court approves a 100-year ban on pride events

June 7, 2012

Moscow’s officials have just been given carte blanche to quash all pride events for the next 100 years–that’s right, until 2112. The Tverskoy district court, a local-level trial court, put its stamp of approval on the city’s homophobic stance, which was brought to the fore by Nikolai Alekseev, a noted gay rights activist, founder of […]

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European Parliament presses states for recognition of same-sex marriages and unions

December 5, 2010

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for all EU member states to engage in "the mutual recognition of the effects of civil status documents." In effect, this is a declaration that EU members should recognize the marriage certificates of same-sex couples, but not a requirement that they must do so. The Parliament said […]

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