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Parliament grants final approval to same-sex marriage + Queen signs

July 17, 2013

Gay couples in England and Wales will be able to marry [CORRECTION:] next year, following action by the House of Commons yesterday approving marriage equality legislation. As a formality, the final word will come from the Queen – how appropriate – who is set to sign the bill into law, although the date has not […]

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Parliament schedules next votes on gay marriage

July 5, 2013

On Monday and Wednesday of this coming week, legislation to allow same-sex marriage in England and Wales will go back before the House of Lords  for consideration in what is called the Report stage. The next step is the bill’s Third Reading, scheduled for July 15. Assuming passage, it returns to the House of Commons, […]

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Grim news from Russia

June 12, 2013

Russia’s State Duma has passed legislation by an overwhelming majority that provides for fines to be imposed for the expression of pro-gay views by Russians and imprisonment and expulsion in addition to fines for such actions by foreigners. Duma officials have stated that they will enact amendments to the Russian Family Code next week to […]

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Recent Progress in Trans* Health Law: Sweden and the US

February 13, 2013

We have recently seen two long-overdue victories in the area of trans* health. Most notably, Stockholm’s Administrative Court of Appeals finally struck down Sweden’s indefensible–and remarkably culturally incongruous–law (text available in Swedish only) requiring that trans* people be sterilized before the government would issue them identity documents with their preferred sex indicated. This welcome ruling […]

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Britain greenlights gay marriage bill, but opposes choice for different-sex couples

December 17, 2012

  Many news reports have noted that the British government announced plans to seek an equal marriage law, but I have seen no press on the remainder of the statement: that the government  intends to keep civil partnerships – available only to gay couples – off limits to different sex couples. This is a slap […]

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UN Human Rights Committee overturns Russia’s “public morality” speech restriction

December 1, 2012

Governments attempting to use the tired “public morality” excuse to curb LGBT-positive speech: you’re on notice. On November 19th the UN Human Rights Committee issued a landmark ruling in Fedotova v. Russia.  The plaintiff is a lesbian who was arrested and fined 1500 rubles in 2009 for displaying signs that read “Homosexuality is normal” and […]

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