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Ohio federal judge orders recognition of Maryland same-sex marriage

July 22, 2013

In a case with heartbreaking facts, U.S. District Judge Timothy Black, sitting in Cincinnati, has ordered the registrar of vital statistics to classify a man as married who was flown to Maryland in a medically equipped jet so that he and his partner could marry before his death. Judge Black noted that John Arthur, who […]

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Equality: Now you see it, now you don’t

June 27, 2013

  [Cross-posted at The Nation] It was the best of weeks and the worst of weeks at the Supreme Court. On Wednesday the Court struck down a law that erased the marriages of same-sex couples from the benefits and burdens of all federal programs, and pulled the plug on efforts to keep a ban on […]

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Excerpts from Justice Kennedy’s opinion in Windsor

June 26, 2013

“Against [a] background of lawful same-sex marriage in some States, the design, purpose, and effect of DOMA should be considered as the beginning point in deciding whether it is valid under the Constitution. By history and tradition the definition and regulation of marriage, as will be discussed in more detail, has been treated as being […]

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Court hears Romer-style challenge to Tennessee law

June 11, 2013

From Equality on Trial: A Tennessee court of appeals heard arguments Monday in [Howe v. Haslam,] the challenge to HB600, nicknamed the Special Access to Discriminate (“SAD Act”) by equality organizations. The law stripped local governments in the state of their non-discrimination protections for LGBT Tennesseans. The challenge, argued by Shannon Minter of the National […]

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Larry Tribe predicts mixed results in Supreme Court, criticizes Obama and California

May 14, 2013

  The Harvard Law School website has an interview with Professor Larry Tribe with his predictions about what the Supreme Court is most likely to do in the two pending gay marriage cases: [M]y hunch – and it is only that – is that the Court will narrowly conclude that the DOMA [Defense of Marriage […]

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Sexual liberty and equality

May 5, 2013

Following is the essay I presented at the January ACS Conference at UCLA on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the 10th anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas. The piece is now posted at UCLA Law Review Discourse, where you can also download it in pdf – We, the people, declare today that the […]

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