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Grim news from Russia

June 12, 2013

Russia’s State Duma has passed legislation by an overwhelming majority that provides for fines to be imposed for the expression of pro-gay views by Russians and imprisonment and expulsion in addition to fines for such actions by foreigners. Duma officials have stated that they will enact amendments to the Russian Family Code next week to […]

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Northern Ireland court: Gay couples can adopt

October 25, 2012

The High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland has ruled that same-sex couples must be allowed to adopt. In  Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application (for judicial review), [2012] NIQB 77, the court held that a government policy restricting adoption to married couples violated the European Convention on Human Rights.  A previous ruling by the House of […]

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Arkansas court skeptical of reasons for banning unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children

March 17, 2011

By Guest Blogger Nancy Polikoff It's always risky to predict the outcome of a case based on oral argument. Nonetheless, I'll predict that the Arkansas Supreme Court will affirm the decision of a trial judge that the state's ban on adoption and fostering by anyone living with a nonmarital partner violates the state's constitution. The […]

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