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Arizona’s 20-week abortion ban upheld but temporarily blocked

August 8, 2012

In a case we discussed last month, the Ninth Circuit has granted a preliminary injunction against Arizona House Bill 2036; this unconstitutional and potentially dangerous measure would curtail women’s reproductive rights at 20 weeks of pregnancy. On July 30th, US District Judge Teilborg upheld the law based on the problematic findings that (1) the few weeks […]

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Federal court forces doctors to warn of suicide risk from abortion

July 29, 2012

Ruling en banc, the Eighth Circuit has upheld a South Dakota law that requires doctors to distribute written statements that abortion causes “increased risk of suicidal ideation and suicide.” Amazing. The ruling came in Planned Parenthood v. Rounds, a lawsuit that has been bouncing between the District Court and Court of Appeals for seven years. Irin […]

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Abortion rights lawsuits keep coming

July 13, 2012

This has been a hectic week for the Center for Reproductive Rights.  On Monday, lawyers persuaded a Mississippi federal judge to continue a temporary order blocking enforcement of a state law designed to make that state “abortion free.” A longer term ruling is expected soon. On Tuesday, CRR’s first task of the day was to […]

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V-words freak out Michigan Republicans

June 17, 2012

Speaking on the floor of the Michigan legislature against an anti-abortion “super bill,” Rep. Lisa Brown suggested that its sponsors were a wee bit too interested in her vagina. That’s the last we’ll hear from Rep. Brown for a while. She was later barred from debate over an unrelated bill as punishment. The same thing happened to […]

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Tweeting your abortion

November 4, 2010

From Salon: Women are taking to Twitter with a blunt statement of fact: "I had an abortion." In fact, so many are tweeting about their experience that the hashtag "#ihadanabortion" began trending on the site yesterday. It all started with a tweet from @IAmDrTiller: "Time for us to come out. Who's had an abortion? Show antis we're […]

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