Election night storm watch

November 4, 2012

It’s been less than a week since Sandy (and the nightmare continues for many), but Tuesday night could be another wild ride. With the presidential election still close, and control of the Senate hanging in the balance, it’s going to be a bumpy night until all the results are in. For LGBT folks and allies, […]

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Judges on the ballot: The impact on LGBT rights

November 2, 2012

For better or worse – usually worse – the majority of states choose judges by popular vote, either initially or in retention elections following appointment. In a number of races around the country, the pro- or anti-gay positions of candidates for judicial office have become part of the debate.  The best known example is Iowa […]

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Virginia’s Anti-Choice Trend Escalates

September 27, 2012

Virginia’s government has reached a new low in its campaign against reproductive rights; apparently Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli are not content with the reach of the state’s new mandatory ultrasound law, establishment of a civil cause of action for fetal wrongful death, and police harassment of women’s rights protesters.  Now they have bullied the […]

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There’s Something About Iowa

July 15, 2012

Three LGBT-related cases are making their way through the Iowa state courts this month with Lambda Legal’s help… In Rhoades v. Iowa, the plaintiff, a gay man, was previously convicted of intentionally exposing another person to HIV. His attorney advised him to plead guilty; never mind that the sex was consensual, they used a condom, […]

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V-words freak out Michigan Republicans

June 17, 2012

Speaking on the floor of the Michigan legislature against an anti-abortion “super bill,” Rep. Lisa Brown suggested that its sponsors were a wee bit too interested in her vagina. That’s the last we’ll hear from Rep. Brown for a while. She was later barred from debate over an unrelated bill as punishment. The same thing happened to […]

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Deja vu all over again: Conservatives seek signatures to repeal SB 48

December 1, 2011

California's FAIR Education Act (fair accurate inclusive respectful) will take effect in one month (on January 1), but its opponents will spend the rest of 2012 gunning for it, first seeking enough signatures to get two amendments eviscerating it onto the ballot and then trying to persuade voters to adopt them. The letter from the Committee to Repeal SB48 […]

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