Marriage @ the Supreme Court: What happened in the DoMA argument?

March 27, 2013

“Do you think they will punt on this one too?” That was the first thing I heard this morning in the Supreme Court pressroom. And though one can never be sure of anything after an oral argument, it looks to me like there will be no jurisdictional punt on the DOMA case. Unlike the Prop […]

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Marriage @ the Supreme Court: Prep for the DoMA argument

March 26, 2013

Tomorrow morning starting at 10, the Justices return for day 2 of their gay marriage marathon. In United States v. Windsor, they will decide whether the federal government must recognize the marriage, valid under New York law, of Edie Windsor (above, R) and the late Thea Spyer (L). (Photo taken early in their 44-year relationship.) […]

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Marriage @ the Supreme Court: The homestretch

March 22, 2013

 Last night (which was cold here in DC), the line began to form for seats to hear oral arguments in the two gay marriage cases that the Supreme Court will consider next week. First up on Tuesday morning will be the challenge to Prop 8; on Wednesday, the Court will hear the DoMA case. The […]

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The great (straight) marriage debate

February 9, 2013

Following is my take on the arguments filed by the defenders of DOMA and Prop 8 and their supporting amici in the cases pending before the Supreme Court.  There are so many possible cultural interpretations of the debates over gay marriage that it seems pointless and premature to try to nail down what all the […]

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Supreme Court sets argument, briefing schedule for marriage cases

January 7, 2013

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Prop 8 case (Perry) on Tuesday, March 26, and in the DoMA case (Windsor) on Wednesday, March 27. No other cases will be heard on either of those days, presumably because the Court intends to delve deeply into the jurisdictional issues as well as the merits. (Usually […]

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Supreme Court to hear DoMA and Prop 8 cases, including standing

December 7, 2012

The clerk’s office of the Court just announced that certiorari has been granted in Windsor v. U.S., a challenge to Section 3 of DoMA, and in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the federal constitutional challenge to Prop 8. The surprise twist: the Court has asked the parties in both cases to brief the question of whether the […]

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