The week ahead: January 23, 2012

by on January 23, 2012  •  In Criminal law

Wednesday, January 25 – Hearing on motion for summary judgment in Doe v. Jindal, in which the Center for Constitutional Rights is challenging the selective enforcement of Louisiana's sodomy law (yes, it's still on the books) in federal district court.

Also January 25 – Opening brief due in Ninth Circuit in Doe v. Reed, the appeal from a decision denying anonymity to individuals who signed petitioners to put a recall question on domestic partnerships on the ballot in the state of Washington. The case should be decided just in time for the legislature to adopt a marriage equality bill.

January 27-28 – Symposium at UCLA Law School on "Overpoliced and Underprotected: Women, Race and Criminalizaton" analyzing the interlocking nature of institutions that reinforce the subordinating nature of the criminal justice system; one panel focuses on "Punishing Sexuality and Reproduction."


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