Croatia to join EU, but with warning about anti-gay violence

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From UK Gay News:

The European Parliament gave the ‘green light’ to the accession of Croatia to the European Union – but with several caveats including one on gay, lesbian and transgender rights. MEPs adopted the accession resolution by a 564 to 38 margin.  It clears the way for Croatia to become the 28th member country of the European Union, possibly as early as July 2013.

Among the caveats, the text of the resolution calls on Croatia to combat homophobia and prevent homophobic violence.  The Parliament’s call follows this year’s Pride march in Split, which was subject to violent attacks.

In the resolution, the European Parliament says it “is deeply concerned by the violence against participants in the LGBT pride march in Split on 11 June 2011 and the inability of the Croatian authorities to protect the participants”. Additionally, the Parliament “urges the Croatian authorities fully to investigate and prosecute the crimes committed and to develop strategies for preventing similar incidents in the future”, and “calls on the Croatian authorities quickly to adopt and implement an action plan against homophobia”…


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  1. Guy Chambliss December 22, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    We barely hear news about homophobic attacks and violence, but it is likely that there are people who suffer from such injustices. I hope more specialized lawyers handle such crimes to answer their oath to protect human rights.

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