Deja vu all over again: Conservatives seek signatures to repeal SB 48

by on December 1, 2011  •  In States

California's FAIR Education Act (fair accurate inclusive respectful) will take effect in one month (on January 1), but its opponents will spend the rest of 2012 gunning for it, first seeking enough signatures to get two amendments eviscerating it onto the ballot and then trying to persuade voters to adopt them.

The letter from the Committee to Repeal SB48 to the Attorney General describes the amendment that would delete lgbt history from required coverage in public schools. A separate initiative from the Committee for Parental Rights for Education would allow parents to remove their children from lessons that conflict with their religious training and belief.

The groups failed in an earlier signature-gathering attempt that would have put repeal of SB 48 on the ballot in the state's primary election in June, and there were suspicions that conservative donors held back support because of a desire to delay the issue until the November 2012 election. Once the Attorney General certifies the questions, the anti-SB48 groups will have 150 days to gather approximately 505,000 signatures. (The number is derived from a formula geared to 5% of the number of votes cast in the most recent gubernatorial election.) The best guess, given the expected review time in the AG's office, is that the deadline will be set in April of next year.


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