The week ahead: September 19, 2011

by on September 19, 2011  •  In Military

Here's what coming up this week:

Monday, September 19 – Deadline for paper proposals to present at the next Feminist Legal Theory conference at Emory Law. The theme for the next session is "Structuring Resilience, which will examine "the political and theoretical possibilities inherent in thinking about justice and state responsibility in terms of human vulnerability.”  

Tuesday, September 20 - Truly a red letter day as DADT officially, finally, conclusively dies (Other issues related to the military will continue, however; see my post on Tuesday.)

Thursday, September 22 – The briefs from the United States (the original defendant) and the House Republican Legal Group (the only entity actively defending DoMA) are due in the First Circuit in Gill v. OPM

Also Thursday, September 22 – Oral argument before the Court of Federal Claims in Collins v. United States, in which plaintiff is challenging the policy under which service members discharged under DADT received half, instead of full, separation pay

Friday, September 23 – Deadline for paper proposals on any topic pertaining to legal feminism for the conference of the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network to be held at GW Law School on January 4, 2012.



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