Notes from Brazil

by on July 25, 2011  •  In Marriage

A friend writes from Brazil that two more same-sex couples have married since a state trial judge ruled that gay couples could convert their "stable unions" into marriages, as different-sex couples are allowed to do. The second of the two marriages was between a judge and her partner. So far, there have been no challenges to either one.
Less happily, some lower court judges are refusing to recognize stable unions between gay partners, on the grounds that they do not agree with the Brazilian Supreme Court ruling that legitimated them. These decisions will be reversed, but they function as political statements against LGBT people.
Unfortunaly, at the same time, Brazil is also experiencing a wave of hate crimes. One, involving a man who was almost murdered, became national news. The man was hugging his adult son, and the bashers mistakenly thought they were a couple.


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