Doe v. Reed starts up again

by on August 10, 2010  •  In Uncategorized

The case in which Protect Marriage Washington is trying to block release of the names of persons who signed petitions against a domestic partners law is heading back to court tomorrow. This is the case in which the Supreme Court ruled that petition signers had no absolute right to remain anonymous; to secure an order stopping release of their names under a public records law, they would have to show serious risk of harm. [130 S.Ct. 2811]

So the plaintiffs have returned to U.S. District Court in Seattle, where they will try again to convince the judge that those crazy gay activists are lying in wait should the names become public. They filed a Renewed Motion for an Injunction prematurely, before the official mandate had come back to the district court from the Supreme Court, but presumably they will refile it now that it is timely. Tomorrow morning Judge Settle is having a status hearing, after which this case will be off and running…again.


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