New study shows no educational harm to children in gay families

by on August 25, 2010  •  In Social science

Stanford Sociology Professor Michael Rosenfeld has just published an article in Demography describing the first large-sample, nationally representative tests of educational outcomes for children raised by same-sex couples. Professor Rosenfeld's results show that children of same-sex couples are as likely to make normal progress through school as children living in most other family structures. Heterosexual married couples are the family type whose children have the lowest rates of grade retention, but the advantage of heterosexual married couples is mostly due to their higher socio-economic status. 

The citation for the article -  Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School- is 47 Demography 755 (August 2010). Demography is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Population Association of America.

Another finding in the Rosenfeld article, combined with a recent study of child development in gay families who adopt, should make a difference in adoption cases. The Demography article reports that children of all family types (including children of same-sex couples) are far more likely to make normal progress through school than are children living in group quarters (such as orphanages and shelters).


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