Gay day in the White House

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WH Pride 2010 An LGBT Pride celebration at the White House is basically like any other ethnic holiday – a chance for everyone to lighten up a little, celebrate the achievements by and for the tribe, eat finger food, coo over the children, and not take any of it too seriously. At least that's what it seemed like to me yesterday. The President's speech wasn't great — is it me, or does everything coming out of the White House post-BP spill seem a bit off kilter. But White House staff arranged for POTUS to be photographed with the children who were the special guests at the reception, several courtesy of GLSEN, and for them, surely, it was a thrill. Several were crying after the President's remarks concluded. It struck me that this event really always should be, like Christmas, mostly for children – the kids in gay families and lgbt youth.

Hillaryclintonlgbtpride  On the substance side, IMHO the State Department should get the gold star for demonstrating how important it is to have progressives running the Executive Branch. Not sure why this is the case – maybe because the Council for Global Equality is such a sterling advocacy group, maybe because of terrific staff work, or maybe because – as various folks have told me – Secretary Clinton just has a genuine personal comfort level with lgbt issues that other officials lack. Whatever the reason, State seems out there in front in the day in, day out effort to incorporate what Secretary Clinton called the obvious point that "human rights are gay rights, and gay rights are human rights" into a program of progressive governance. Watch her speech here.


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