Gender gap closes in anti-gay attitudes; dudes lead the way

by on June 8, 2010  •  In Culture, Social science

According to the latest annual Gallup survey of values and beliefs, a critical tipping point in U.S. public opinion has occurred: a majority of Americans now say that they consider gay and lesbian relations to be "morally acceptable."

As the chart above indicates, the percentages of those who agreed and disagreed with that proposition have flipped in the last decade: from 53% no to 52% yes. (Strangely, only 6% more – 58% – thought that gay or lesbian relations should be legal.)

Most surprising was the erasure of the gender gap in answers to the morality acceptability question. Since pretty much forever, women have been more positive about gay people than men. This year, Gallup found that the levels were close to equal, with men slightly more accepting. Virtually all of the increase in overall acceptance and acceptance among men resulted from changed attitudes in younger men:



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