Wisconsin DA threatens to arrest teachers for following sex ed law

by on April 12, 2010  •  In Culture, States

A local district attorney in Wisconsin – the same person who tried unsuccessfully to prevent the University of Wisconsin from using student fees to support student organizations he disagreed with [in Bd of Regents, Univ. of Wisconsin v. Southworth, 529 U.S. 217 (2000)] – has sent a letter to teachers in his county stating that they can be prosecuted for child sexual abuse if they demonstrate contraceptive methods to minors. Yes, he's an idiot and yes it's a ridiculous argument. But imagine that you are a high school teacher and you got this letter from your local prosecutor:

Juneau County DA Scott Harold Southworth closed his letter by imploring school officials not to comply with the sex ed law "because it risks the safety of our children." Who's perverted in this story?

HT – Barbara Kerr


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