Production underway for Prop 8 TV

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An independent Hollywood production company has announced that it will webcast here dramatic re-enactments of each day of testimony in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Along with all the other firsts associated with this case (first federal court trial of the right to marry, first time Ted Olson has been called an honorary lesbian, etc), an almost real-time web-based re-enactment of any trial must surely be another first.

Expected debut is tomorrow.

When I first visited the site a few days ago, the producers were still casting, but apparently the availability of actors in southern California has solved that problem.

I have thought ever since I heard how this case was launched that the movie rights might be one of its major components, and certainly that the film version would follow final judgment pretty expeditiously. And while I don't know who will be portraying whom in the webcast, it's fun to speculate about who might play the leads in the big studio production.

My choice: Christopher Walken to play Ted Olson. It just seems right.

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