New wrinkle in Perry case: conservative group appeals denial of intervention

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The Campaign for California Families, which had sought to intervene as additional defenders of Prop 8 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, has filed a notice that it is appealing the denial of its intervention motion. 

What's afoot here is an intra-movement split on the anti-gay side. CCF is distinguishable from the Yes on 8 campaign (which is defending Prop 8 since the state has declined to do so) primarily because CCF adamantly opposes not only gay marriage, but also domestic partnership laws. The Yes on 8 crew, in other words, are the voices of pragmatism and, in CCF's world view, of too much moderation.

Here's the SF Chronicle report on how Yes on 8 kept CCF out of Strauss v. Horton, the case in which various lgbt groups challenged Prop 8 after its enactment:

"We represent the people who got things done, who got Prop. 8 passed," said Andrew Pugno, general counsel for the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign. "An important part of defending Prop. 8 is eliminating arguments not helpful to our concerns."

Pugno, for example, persuaded the Supreme Court last week to bar the Campaign for California Families from intervening in the court case over the validity of Prop. 8 and the same-sex marriage ban. "That organization [CCF] represents the extreme fringe and is not representative of the coalition that got it passed," Pugno said.

This is pot calling kettle ….

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