Important new study on lgbt parenting

by on August 21, 2009  •  In Social science

The professional journal Demography has accepted for publication a new paper by Stanford Professor Michael Rosenfeld that, for the first time, bases a study of the outcomes of children with same-sex parents on a large, nationally representative sample.  Using census data, Professor Rosenfeld found that:

  1. Children of same-sex couples are as likely to make normal progress through school as the children of most other family structures. The differential between them and children of heterosexual married parents – the group least likely to have children retained in grades – is mostly due to the higher SES of the married straight parents.
  2. Children in all families are far more likely to make normal progress through school than children in foster care or other group settings.

These findings have enormous potential to make important evidentiary contributions in marriage challenges, family law cases, and challenges to laws that bar same-sex couples from adopting.

(Pre-publication version of paper available here.)


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