Introductions … ENDA, meet EHDLA – you’re perfect for each other

by on June 25, 2009  •  In Congress, ENDA, Health

The important effort to enact the Employment Non-Discrimination Act got its official launch on Wednesday, with the introduction of HR 3017.  Lead sponsor Barney Frank was joined on the bill by 117 cosponsors. This year's version contains no surprises: it is trans-inclusive, but also grants religious groups a free pass to discriminate. Most people think the trans-inclusive version will pass the House, and that a version with a more proportional religious exemption would not.

The day before, Rep.Tammy Baldwin introduced a new and largely unexpected (beyond the Hill) bill, the Ending Health Disparities for LGBT Americans Act, HR 3001.  EHDLA is a comprehensive collection of reforms covering such topics as non-discrimination in federal health programs, cultural competence training for health professionals, Medicare benefits for same-sex partners, etc etc. The goal is not so much enactment of the package as creating a resource upon which progressives can draw for ideas as health reform (hopefully) progresses.

Personally, I think they make a lovely couple.


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