Another big week ahead + Correction and updates

by on May 10, 2009  •  In Marriage, Military

NH UPDATE – Tuesday is NOT the deadline for New Hampshire Governor Lynch  to sign, veto or allow the bill legalizing gay marriage to become law without his signature.  It turns out that the phrase "it has gone to the governor's desk" is less than precise. Various formalities delay the official date of transmission.  In fact, it has not gotten to the governor yet, officially, and he will have five days after that date to decide.

Tuesday – The New York State Assembly will vote on and surely pass a gay marriage bill.  Then it's a six-week countdown until the end of the legislative session, which equates to the time left for advocates to persuade a few more state senators to vote yes.  As always in NY, the question for any progressive legislation is whether it can get through the Senate. The NY Times reports that the votes aren't there yet. The Dems hold 32 seats, the number of votes needed to pass it. But, four Dems have said they will vote against it, and no Republicans have yet come forward as yes votes, though the Republican leader has released them to vote their consciences.

UPDATE – Yup, the Assembly did exactly as predicted.

Wednesday – Secretary of Defense Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mullen will testify before the House Armed Services Committee. Expect questions on DADT.

Thursday – the next possible day for the California Supreme Court to rule in the case challenging Prop 8.

UPDATE: Nope, not gonna happen Thursday.  Maybe next Monday. (The court releases opinions on Thursdays and Mondays.)


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