Tributes to Mary Dunlap

by on April 6, 2009  •  In Constitutional law

Ruth Robson has a lovely post at the Con Law Professors blog about the pioneering work of San Francisco  litigator Mary Dunlap, including a remarkable analysis of gender and sexuality she wrote that was published 30 (!) years ago in the Hastings Law Journal: The Constitutional Rights of Sexual Minorities: A Crisis of the Male/Female Dichotomy, at 30 Hastings L. J. 1131. Mary's article was part of a Symposium on Sexual Preference and Gender Identity.

The movie version is on its way. Jonathan Joiner and Robert Martin have completed a short – Gay Olympics: Claiming the Title - that tells the story of the fight to stop the U.S. Olympic Committee from forbidding Tom Waddell, founder of the Gay Olympics (now the Gay Games), from "polluting" their brand. Since Mary was lead counsel on the case, the film is largely about her, and is dedicated to her and Tom. Shout out to Jonathan and Robert for winning a Frameline Films award.

Watch for it – coming soon to ….


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  1. Eva Jefferson Paterson April 22, 2009 at 7:28 PM

    Nan, This is your old buddy Eva Jefferson Paterson. We are trying to find the filmmakers of the film about Mary Dunlap. How the hell are you? Are you turning SIXTY this year as I am?? Yikes

  2. Nan Hunter April 22, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    Hi Eva!!!

    The filmmakers are in San Francisco: Robert Martin and Jonathan Joiner.

    Here’s the daytime phone # for their offices – (415) 255-2716 and

    And yes, you seriously outed me on the big 6 – 0. Yikes is right

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