Sweden ties the knot

by on April 1, 2009  •  In Marriage

A proposal to introduce a gender-neutral marriage law passed the Swedish Parliament today on a 261 to 22 vote and 16 abstentions. Six of the seven parties supported the bill; only the Christian Democrats voted in opposition. Legislators set the stage for this development last year.

It is not yet certain that the changes will affect church marriage ceremonies, but in February, a majority of Church of Sweden bishops said the church should no longer handle legal marriage registrations.

The new legislation takes effect as of May 1st, replacing the current legislation established in 1995 approving registered partnership much like civil partnerships in the UK. Couples with a 'registered partnership' can either retain this status or apply to the relevant authorities to have it amended.

A poll for the Sifo Institute published in January 2008 found that 71 per cent of Swedes think gay people should be allowed to marry.

Source: Pink News


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