The most amazing TV ad you’ve seen in a long time

by on March 9, 2009  •  In Culture, Transgender

The following ad from Argentina speaks even more volumes about the extraordinary cultural changes afoot in Latin America. (HT Karla Dobinski) The translation is below.

"Hello, Mr. Louis."
"Hi…I have a question. When you applied to get the loan to open this beauty salon, did you have to show an ID?"
"…yeah…. "
"and on your ID, it says that you're really a male, doesn't it?"
"and they still gave you the loan?"
"well…they are the same bank that just gave me a loan to buy my new car. and…it just made me think, you know? and i came here…to apologize for treating you poorly all these years. for not knowing how to treat you. I want you to have this."


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  1. Buster March 15, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    Thanks for posting this ad. I don’t know why–maybe I’m just a sucker–but it oddly brightened my day.

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