Spring conference season round-up

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Lots of good stuff this semester:

Feb 7 – Today, the Stanford civil rights journal is holding a day-long conference on Gender, Parenting and the Law

Feb. 12 – “After Prop 8: The Future of Marriage Politics” will be the topic of a panel discussion at NYU‘s Silver Center.

Feb 13 -A festschrift honoring Martha Nussbaum’s scholarship for its contributions to the field of gender and sexuality law at Columbia Law School

Feb. 13 – “Women and the Law: A Celebration” at Rutgers-Newark – Justice Ginsburg had been scheduled to deliver the keynote.  Because of her illness, her speech will be delivered for her by Wendy Williams (Georgetown), co-author of a forthcoming biography of Justice Ginsburg.

Feb. 13 – “Beyond Marriage: Broader Implications and Unforeseen Consequences of State DoMAs” will be the focus of this year’s Law and Sexuality symposium at Tulane Law School

Feb. 13-15 – The annual Midwest BLGTA students conference will be at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Feb 20 – A conference on The Gender Wage Gap: Strategies for the Future at the University of Pittsburgh Law School

Feb. 20 – The Harvard Women’s Law Association sponsors a program on From Public Office to Office Politics: Women Lawyers Navigating a Political World.

Feb. 25 – The Cardozo gender law journal hosts a conference on What to Expect: Legal Developments and Challenges in Reproductive Justice.

Feb. 27-28 – The Feminism and Legal Theory program at Emory will hold its next workshop on Women, Incarceration and Human Rights.

Feb. 27-28 – Harvard Lambda presents a conference on Queering the Health Gap: LGBT Health Disparities and the Law.

March 4-6 – The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Penn hosts “Rethinking Sex: A Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Thinking Sex by Gayle Rubin.”

March 11- 14 – The Global Arc of Justice Conference, an international conference focused on advances in LGBT rights around the globe with a special focus on Latin America, will be held at UCLA.

March 12 – 14 – Radcliffe hosts a conference on Gender and the Law: Unintended Consequences, Unsettled Questions.

March 12 – Angela Harris (Berkeley) will deliver the annual Barbara Black lecture at Columbia on “Color Chart and Gender Spectrum: Trans-forming Race and Gender in a Post-Obama World.”

April 2-4 - CRT 20: Honoring Our Past, Charting Our Future, at the University of Denver, will mark the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of Critical Race Theory scholars.

April 3-4 – This year’s Law, Culture and the Humanities Conference will be at Suffolk, in Boston.

April 10 – Columbia’s gender law journal symposium will focus on Gender on the Frontiers: Confronting Intersectionalities.

April 16 – Michael Kirby, the openly gay and recently retired justice of Australia’s highest court, will deliver the Hart lecture at Georgetown.

April 20-21 – The Williams Institute at UCLA Law holds a Primer on Empirical Research on Sexual Orientation.

May 28-31 – That great schmoozing opportunity – the Law and Society Conference – will be in Denver.


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