More Lawbama profs move to Lawbama Land as semester ends

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Wingnuts continue their attacks on Dawn Johnsen and Harold Koh, a process that seems to be motivated by truly the basest of motives: shielding those who engaged in torture. Both Dawn and Harold have become victims of the latest right-wing smear campaign.

On a happier note, recent nominations include:

ROSA BROOKS (Georgetown), an expert in international human rights, will become senior adviser to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.

LARRY ECHOHAWK (BYU) will be the new head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

DAVID VLADECK (Georgetown) is taking the job of director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission.

Previously announced new jobs for law professors after the jump.

MICHAEL BARR (Michigan) has been nominated to be Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Financial Institutions.

DAVID BARRON – An expert in ad law and local government law, Barron is taking a leave from Harvard to become Dawn Johnsen's Principal Deputy at OLC.

JODY FREEMAN – Freeman, an ad law/enviro/new governance expert at Harvard, is now a counselor for energy and climate change in the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change.

BETH GARRETT (Southern Cal) will go to Treasury as Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy.

SETH HARRIS – A Clinton administration vet like most of these, Harris will move back to the Labor Department from New York Law School to serve as Deputy Secretary, the number 2 post at DoL.

LISA HEINZERLING – Co-author of Priceless: On Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing and an expert in environmental law, Heinzerling is on leave from Georgetown to serve as senior climate counsel - lead attorney on global warming matters -  to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

DAWN JOHNSEN – Indiana University constitutional law scholar, reproductive rights expert and old friend, Dawn Johnsen will be the head of the Office of Legal Counsel in DoJ as soon as she is confirmed.

ELENA KAGAN – The Harvard Law Dean becomes Solicitor General, and  immediately moves WAY up the list of potential Supreme Court nominees.  Kagan has done such a spectacular job as the Harvard Dean that she's the closest thing to a rock star among legal academics. The immediate joke: this appointment will be celebrated most enthusiastically by every other law school dean in America, given the incredible success she has had in raiding other faculties. 

NEAL KATYAL – Neal, also at Georgetown, brilliantly litigated Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, and landed on multiple best lawyer lists. Now he's becoming Principal Deputy Solicitor General.

HAROLD KOH: The Yale Law Dean will return to the State Department as Counselor (general counsel) to the Secretary once the idiotic right-wing attacks cease.

MARTY LEDERMAN – Yet another wonderful Georgetown colleague, Marty will return to OLC, where he served during the Clinton administration, to become Dawn Johnsen's deputy.  Here's a fond bon voyage message from his blogging buddy Jack Balkin.

DAVID MARTIN – Martin, the Warner-Booker Distinguished Professor of International Law at University of Virginia Law, is signing up to be Principal Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Homeland Security.

DAN MELTZER – Harvard loses another one, with the announcement that Meltzer will become a Deputy White House Counsel.

PAUL STEVEN MILLER – This University of Washington Law prof is reported to have been tasked with insuring more representation of people with disabilities in the administration, and is rumored to be headed to the White House Office of Personnel.

TREVOR MORRISON – Another professor to the White House Counsel's office, as an Associate Counsel. Morrison was at Cornell, recently joined Columbia faculty.

SPENCER OVERTON (GW) will serve as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Policy in DoJ, or, perhaps, get bumped up to the AAG job.

SAMANTHA POWER – AP reports that Power, a professor at the Kennedy School, will become senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council. Despite a not exactly diplomatic "monster" snafu in her background, she'll be spending a lot of time working with Secretary of State Clinton.

ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER – Slaughter's current job is dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs at Princeton, but she's a former Harvard Law professor as well.  She will become Director of Policy Planning at the State Department.

CASS SUNSTEIN – The longtime Chicago, now Harvard, Law Prof will run the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), obscure beyond words for most Americans, but probably the single most powerful component of the single most powerful agency (OMB- Office of Management and Budget) in the federal government.  OIRA is what you have to go through if you want to develop and promulgate new regs; it holds the keys to the kingdom of actually generating new regulatory policy. Lots of press. Progressive ad law scholars unhappy. His latest posting on SSRN: Is OSHA Unconstitutional?

DAN TARULLO – Dan, the first law prof picked by the POTUS for a major job, has departed Georgetown to become a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. For more about Dan, see Newsweek, which calls him the "anti-Greenspan." His 14-year term began February 1.


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