10 worst countries for lgbt-related human rights abuses

by on February 27, 2009  •  In International

On the heels of the State Department's release of its annual human rights report, the Council for Global Equality has published an analysis of the worst human rights offenses directed against lgbt people. According to the Council, this year's report is the most comprehensive ever issued by the State Department with regard to lgbt issues, which are referenced in 190 of the country reports. LGBT-related incidents cited in the report include arbitrary arrest and detention, police abuse, rape, and even murder, many with evidence of either the complicit or direct involvement of police or other government officials.

Using the State Department's compilaton, the Council identified the 10 countries with the worst record of treating their lgbt citizens. The members of this worst abusers club are (apparently listed in alphabetical order) – Egypt, Gambia, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Kuwait, Kyrgyz Republic, Lithuania, Nigeria and Uganda. For each, the Council specifies actions that the U.S. government can take with regard to that particular country. It's a great job of identifying benchmarks for advocates to use with the new administration.


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