What’s next? Organize to “Restore America”

by on January 12, 2009  •  In Uncategorized

Eye_words  The ACLU is starting a campaign – perfect for law student groups – to consider "how to undo eight years of sustained damage to our fundamental rights." Based on the comprehensive  ACLU transition memo, the idea is to organize (quoting ACLU President Susan Herman)

a series of events on campuses around the country, beginning during Inauguration Week, as part of a program of Students for Restoring America, to discuss these proposals and urge students to channel their newly unleashed political energy by continuing, with the ACLU, to press the new President and Congress to do the right thing.  The qualities so many came to fear and despise in the Bush Administration are the qualities we will continue to need to fight in many contexts:  willingness to give up the liberty of others for illusory gain, intolerance of dissent, peremptory decision-making, government secrecy.

The ACLU has developed a package of organizing materials to facilitate the process for campus groups to begin thinking about future political involvement that builds on the enthusiasm for Obama, but isn't limited to one candidate or one political moment. There's also a poster design contest for a visual representation of restoring America.  The prize is $500; deadline is Jan. 18.


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