Sweden sets the date

by on January 24, 2009  •  In Marriage

An English language web site on Swedish news reports that same-sex marriage is on track to become legal in Sweden on May 1.  As noted earlier, Sweden's highest court recently rejected a claim that the country should recognize Canadian marriages between same-sex partners.  

Three of the parties in the four-party governing coalition have tabled a motion, [a procedural move] that is expected to pave the way for gay marriage in Sweden beginning May 1st this year.

The Alliance government has been split on the issue, with the junior partner Christian Democrats opposed to the use of the word "marriage" for homosexual unions. However the three other parties – the conservative Moderates, the Liberals and the Centre Party – are in favour of a gender neutral law that eliminates the current reference to marriage as something between a man and a woman. The Social Democrats, the country's biggest party, also support such a law, and together the parties would garner enough support to adopt new legislation.

Civil unions granting gays and lesbians the same legal status as married couples have been allowed in Sweden since 1995. While heterosexuals in Sweden can choose to marry in either a civil ceremony or a church ceremony, homosexuals are only allowed to register their partnerships in a civil ceremony.

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