New this week in SSRN: “Getting class”

by on December 15, 2008  •  In Uncategorized

Getting Class, a new essay by Laura Kessler (Utah Law),  grows out of the ClassCrits Working Group at Buffalo and revisits problems that arise from feminism's rejection of the claim that economic relations are the root of all social relations:  Here's the abstract:

Gender-based economic inequality has been a longstanding concern of feminist legal theory, particularly as it affects middle-class women. Yet much legal feminist literature remains uninterested in class analysis. How, then, can a focus on class build on and add to feminist legal theory projects? This Essay is intended to initiate a conversation around that question, more than to provide fully formed theories, strategies, or answers. The first part of this Essay briefly provides some examples of insufficient attention to class in legal feminism and other left critical theories in law. The second part explores five possible strategies for overcoming this problem, taking an intersectional approach. I choose my examples from employment discrimination and family law, but the analysis may well apply to other areas.


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