Going cold turkey til Tuesday

by on November 2, 2008  •  In Elections

 I am so beyond bored with election horse race predictions and "analysis" that I'm going cold turkey – having none of it until I let my political junkiehood resurface on Tuesday, when I'll post an election night guide/party game.  I realized this morning that an incredible moment in US history is approaching, a presidential election that will bring an African American into the highest office and give us all a chance to turn around what has been a nightmarish eight years. It's crazy that I'm more bored than excited. So no more posts about the election for the next two days. Gotta regain my perspective.

As for Prop 8, I'm irrationally optimistic, though certainly not as confident as I am about Obama. Not as happy about some of the other ballot issues; can't believe the Dems will get to 60 in the Senate.

Whatever happens, though, there is one BIG reason to be happy:



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