Update from Portugal: Parliament nixes change in marriage law

by on October 13, 2008  •  In Marriage

This article updates an earlier post on possible changes in Portuguese law on same-sex marriage.

Toronto Star / Reuters News Agency

 LISBON–Portugal's parliament rejected a proposal on Friday to allow gay marriage, sparking anger among gays who say they face discrimination in the conservative Catholic country.

The proposal by the small Left Bloc and Green parties to overturn an existing ban was overwhelmingly rejected as the ruling Socialists, who hold a majority, joined the centre-right opposition in opposing the move. Parliament president Jaime Gaime did not give a final vote breakdown.

Outside parliament, about thirty gays protested by staging two mock marriages…. Gays were encouraged that a referendum in Portugal last year overturned a ban on abortion, hoping it would usher in what they see as more progressive and modern values elsewhere in Europe. Neighbouring Spain has allowed gay marriages since 2005.

But Catholic values still hold sway on many social issues in Portugal. Cardinal Jose Policarpo, the patriarch of Lisbon, warned that allowing gay marriages would be a violation of the family….


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