Darren Hutchinson on liberal sexism

by on October 24, 2008  •  In Culture, Elections


…I never imagined I would be in a position of defending a conservative, anti-choice, anti-gay, woman from sexism. But after witnessing so much sexism (and class bias and racism) during the Democratic primaries and so little critique of it from the so-called left, I'm already on a roll. … Now, the airwaves are ablaze over the RNC's purchase of $150,000 in clothing for Palin to use in campaign appearances. ….

Analyzing women's clothing — and not men's — … focuses on their appearance, rather than intellect, talents and qualifications. One of the oldest sex stereotypes deems women as better "seen" than "heard."… This stereotype lurks subtly in the pantsuit and Neiman Marcus fascination.

With all of the serious problems in the world, one might wonder why I chose to analyze this issue — even if Palin has indeed experienced some sexism. I am compelled to discuss this matter because sexism (and racism, homophobia, classism) among liberals is especially troubling. Liberals — especially Democrats — believe they are advanced on issues of discrimination — and at their finest moments, they are. They want to control government in order to improve the lives of people who are disadvantaged. They shun the "hateful rhetoric" of conservatives. They want to strengthen civil rights legislation and enforcement. Great talk, and I share those goals. But if liberals exhibit the same type of biases that they purport to oppose, then they ultimately lack credibility on these issues….

The problem with liberal bias goes beyond sexism. When liberals attack "uneducated" (they really mean not having attended college or graduate/professional school) voters as not being sophisticated enough to vote, they stigmatize the poor and many people of color. When liberals use labels such as the "latte" or "lunchbucket" voters — and describe the latter disparagingly — they do the same. And when they mock people having to purchase clothing to run for office, they show a great deal of hypocrisy on issues of class; any poor person who could have the fortune to make it on a national ticket would require a large clothing allotment, given the fascination with appearance — especially of women — in this vain society….


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  1. Den February 19, 2009 at 6:00 PM

    I was running some Palin related polls last year, but never thought that this name could be connected to sexism…

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