Frat boys for Obama ogle Palin in swimsuit

by on September 28, 2008  •  In Culture, Elections

Feminists on the web are furious at the sneering posts by various boy commentators of a video of Sarah Palin competing in the Miss Alaska swimsuit competition. As Tennessee Guerilla Women and Feminist Law Professors point out, making fun of the daughter of a school teacher and a school secretary using a beauty pageant to get ahead in life is pretty slimy for guys who could not imagine making fun of a working class boy spending countless hours practicing jump shots or tackles.

Actually – though you wouldn't know it from the FBO postings – Palin tried both routes, and is pretty clear-eyed about what worked and why.  She was point guard on her high school girls basketball team, which won the state championship after she iced a free throw in the final seconds of the game.

Palin bball

You can probably guess how many college scholarship offers she got from playing basketball: zero. She graduated from high school, attended college briefly (more yucks), dropped out and tried a different path out of the boonies, this time with more success: (follow link to video clip)

Beauty pageant

YouTube – Palin Beauty Pageant – Miss Alaska 1984

Frankly, I think her explanation is pretty good:

Reluctant beauty queen

I was in it for the scholarships

So, here's the last question for the frat boys brigade: did you ever stop to think that perhaps watching Palin's swimsuit moment might produce MORE votes for (McCain)- Palin, rather than less? 


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  1. K-Dob September 30, 2008 at 12:16 PM

    thanks for posting the explanation. I agree with you

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