Anti-gay discrimination within the professoriate

by on September 5, 2008  •  In Employment law

Inside Higher Ed

A national survey of political scientists has found that many gay and lesbian scholars in the profession report that they have faced discrimination of various types, but many more have not or don’t know.

The results were presented at the recently concluded annual meeting of the American Political Science Association and were prepared by its committee on the status of gay and lesbian scholars in the profession. Two political scientists at the State University of New York at Albany — Scott Barclay and Julie Novkov — analyzed and presented the data.

Of political scientists who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, 13 percent said that they had definitely experienced discrimination as a political scientist because of their identity, 12 percent said that they “probably” had experienced discrimination, 31 percent said that they probably had not, 25 percent said that they definitely had not, and 20 percent said that they weren’t sure….

Among the other findings:

* 16 percent of the gay, lesbian and bisexual political scientists said that department colleagues had discouraged them from coming out.

* Among everyone in the survey, 12 percent said that they regularly included topics related to sexual orientation in their work, 40 percent said that they did so on occasion, 32 percent said that they never did, and the rest said that the question was not applicable. Of gay political scientists, 33 percent said that they included such material regularly, and 25 percent of lesbian political scientists said that they did so regularly.


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