Arrogant, obnoxious and profoundly stupid arguments for Obama

by on September 19, 2008  •  In Elections

Meet Exhibit A: Michael Seitzman. What a guy – amazingly, he's also Exhibit B.  (HT – Feminist Law Professors)

Just pause for a moment and consider what a powerful strategic thinker Michael Seitzman is.  He supports a candidate who has two big hurdles to clear, or else he will lose what seems like an impossible to lose race for the Democratic nominee in 2008 BBE (Before the Bailout Era). Yet even with the ebbing of the Palin bounce, Obama finds himself only a point or two up in the polls, and, as of today, much more importantly, a bit behind in the Electoral College projections. So Seitzman is really, really trying to help him out with these two problems by publishing his insightful commentary on how Sarah Palin would be good for sex, but only a stupid person would vote for her.

First big problem: there are millions of p'd off women who are still steaming from the gauntlet of misogyny that the press directed against Hillary Clinton during the primary races. They heard Clinton deliver what was imho the best in show speech at the Democratic convention (and I supported Obama, not Clinton, in the primaries). And they are now watching as Joe Biden turns in a predictably mediocre performance as a veep candidate, except perhaps for the moment when he acknowledged that Clinton would have probably been a better choice for that position than he was.

Second, out there in Reagan Democrat land (you know, those people who decide the outcome of national elections), Obama faces a witches' brew of racism and class anxiety. White middle- and lower-middle-class voters are trying to decide if they want to replace the guy they trusted who has failed them with a Ivy League cosmopolitan or an aging fighter pilot. The only familiar character they see in this line-up – the only person like them – is Palin, who Seitzman and many, many others tell them is a dolt. A joke of a nominee.

She is, in fact, not experienced or knowledgeable enough for the job.  Nor do I trust her judgment or agree with her values. For lots of reasons, I agree that she should never have been nominated.  But not smart enough?  Really? That would be, compared to … W's father? Gerald Ford? Geraldine Ferraro? Lloyd Bentsen? Dan Quayle? Joe Lieberman? John Edwards? Or, dare I say it, Joe Biden?

I don't know how intelligent Sarah Palin is. I think you're kidding yourself if you think it's easy to assess the quality of thought coming from most politicians, in this era of thoroughly packaged candidacies. But I do know that ridiculing the people whose support your candidate needs is a poor way to wage a political campaign. Seitzman and his ilk need to wise up.


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  1. Ann Bartow September 20, 2008 at 5:37 PM

    Yet another stupid, sexist article at the Huff Po

    link to

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