Testeria watch for election 08

by on August 8, 2008  •  In Elections

UPDATE: Paul Krugman’s take on the Republican masculinity mantra: "real men don’t think things through."

I’m tempted to start a testeria watch for the remainder of the election season. I fear, though, that I could easily see all my time sucked up by the documentation of macho posturing. So, no promises for comprehensiveness, but I’ll try to post a few especially rich testeria watch reports from time to time.  Tips from readers welcome.

Here’s my first post from last week:

Lots of media angst about the McCain ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, but John Aravosis at americablog.com  had the most interesting take on it:

….McCain and his people are attempting to define Obama as "gay" by describing him as the stereotypical gay man. Yesterday, a McCain spokesman described Obama as fussy and prone to hysterics. A few days earlier, we were told that Obama was "flitting" around Europe. And before that, a GOP operative called Obama "a fancy lad." Also, who is Obama compared to in the latest McCain ad? (An ad that independent fact-checkers say is totally false.) Two women, and kind of ditzy women at that – Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Let’s review. A fussy, fancy lad who flits around Europe, is prone to hysteria, and reminds you of ditzy blonde chicks. Sorry, but that’s a stereotypical gay guy….


Now other blogs are echoing the Aravosis reading:

The Political Carnival: New Right Wing Meme Alert

Republican talking head Sherry Jacobus** just now on MSNBC about Obama and the "celebrity" ad-

    "We don’t need a homecoming queen".

Digby via Greenwald -

    The underlying premise of the modern conservative movement is that the entire Democratic party consists of a bunch of fags and dykes who are both too effeminate and too masculine to properly lead the nation. Coulter says it out loud. Dowd hints at it broadly. And the entire press corps giggles and swoons at this shallow, sophomoric concept like a bunch of junior high pom pom girls.

Glenn Greenwald goes into it in depth, but shorter version is think of Gore and the "neutrals", Kerry being "French" (you know all French people are bi, at least!) or Hillary and her pantsuits (Plus extra added bonus!! Possible lesbian affair with an Arab!!)


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