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California Ripple Effect: Who’s raising more? Where is it coming from?

:: According to the LA Times, NO on 8 has more, $5.7 million with 52% coming from out of state. Pro-8 activists have $3.3 million with 39% coming from out of state.

:: San Jose Mercury News also shows NO on 8 slightly ahead.

:: The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, shows proponents of the marriage ban in the lead.

What’s clear is we’re neck and neck, and will probably stay that way. To paraphrase NO on 8 campaign consultant Steve Smith, we need to raise more, maybe not much more, but more.

As to be expected, the NO on 8 campaign has benefited greatly from its big-time donations, such as the 1 million dollar gift from Utah-native and WordPerfect founder, Bruce Bastian, as well as the $250,000 donation from PG&E.

But the campaign has also experienced a tremendous surge in online giving, with 96% of donations under 1,000. This balance between a small number of large donations and a large number of small donations was a key to Obama’s record-breaking success in fundraising, and should continue to pay off handsomely for NO on 8. Having so many stakeholders makes for a more democratic campaign, too.

:: Keeping up with the Joneses

Wanna really know what your neighbors are up to? The LA Times has a slightly alarming new database of all donors, both for and opposed to proposition 8. We warn you, it may be creepy, but it’s also addictive.


Here’s the complete list of donors for and against Prop 8.


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