A queen is a terrible thing to waste

by on August 28, 2008  •  In Elections

A few weeks ago, gay press sources were reporting that Obama had a 60-point lead over McCain among gay voters. Who knows what that number was based on, but just assume for a moment that it's real. Consider what it means: that 8 out of every 10 (we're just goofing around here) (male) hairdressers, interior designers, and assorted fashionistas support Obama -  we're talking style, spice, wit, pizzazz, glamour, endless good taste, and flawless dinner parties.

Now consider the sad excuse for political theater that we have been watching all week. Star speeches and a bit of music aside, all those other long, long hours of earnest, nice, extremely boring people giving excruciatingly predictable, pedantic speeches. Speeches that make you wonder if you're watching the Democratic National Convention, or an SNL parody of the Democratic Convention. I won't give examples; that would be mean. But whenever I was tempted to watch anything other than the big five (Michelle, Hillary, Bill, Al, and Barack), I felt like I was trapped in a really, really bad faculty meeting: people making the same arguments, over and over and over …

WHERE WERE THE HOMOSEXUALS?  What is the point of endorsing LGBT-positive political positions and paying whatever the current political price is for that, if you don't let gay men design the show? Would the world end if something original was done, if every ethnic and interest group on the planet lost its 3 minutes on stage, and instead the voters you were trying to reach actually wanted to watch what was happening?  I'm not saying the show has to be mindless; how about a cool video explaining what the hell the subprime mortgage crisis is and why it ate our economy and your job? With all respect to the parade of admirable teachers, nurses, union members, repro rights activists, hardworking moms, military servicemembers, out gay people, elected officials high and low, and everyone else who was put on stage to fill up the hours…surely we can do better than this. I mean, the MTV generation is already 20 years ago — where have these people been?


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