New Field poll shows Californians oppose Prop 8 by 9% margin

by on July 18, 2008  •  In Elections, Marriage

A Field poll of likely voters released today shows that 51% of Californians intend to vote no on Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment which would in essence reverse the California Supreme Court decision in In re Marriage Cases, 43 Cal.4th 757, 183 P.3d 384 (2008). The statewide survey completed this week shows a series of largely predictable splits among the electorate:

Democrats and Republicans are mirror images: 63% of Dems plan to vote no; 68% of Republicans plan to vote yes.

There is the typical gender split: 54% of women are no votes compared to 49% of men.

Latino voters support Prop 8 by a 5 to 4 margin; non-Hispanic whites, African-Americans and Asian-Americans oppose by the same margin. Important to note: more than twice as many Latinos are undecided as compared to persons in the other racial/ethnic categories.

Evangelical Christians favor Prop 8 by more than 2 to 1: 66% yes, 31% no. Non-evangelicals oppose, by 59% to 34%.  Catholics are about evenly divided. "Other" and those with no religious affiliation overwhelmingly oppose Prop 8.

For details, see Field web page with link to the survey .


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