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Law Blog – : Dean Calls on Peers to Unite, Kick U.S. News Rankings to the Curb

It’s no secret that law school administrators cater to the ranking methodology of the mighty U.S. News & World Report. To date, one way to keep your ranking up has been to admit students with sub-par LSATs and GPAs into the part-time program only, since those students’ so-called entering credentials will then be excluded from the U.S. News rankings calculus.

But now U.S. News is considering revising that calculus to include part-time students’ entering credentials. And that news, at least for one dean, is reason enough to say, well, enough!

Writes Case Western Dean Gary Simson in today’s NLJ: “I propose that law school faculties and administrations treat the announcement as a wake-up call and recognize how much they have allowed themselves to be at the mercy of editors whose primary interest is selling magazines, rather than providing a means of ranking schools that actually might promote the things that make for genuine greatness in a law school.”

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  1. Frank Pasquale July 25, 2008 at 11:15 PM

    Ann Bartow’s comments on the bad unintended consequences of this are very compelling. And I agree with this dean, we are becoming the tools of our measurement tools.

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